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Since 1998, SWIZ Technology had been an active player in the Industrial Computing Market with the primary focus on providing fast, reliable and versatile Thermal Print Solutions for various industrial and applications, ranging from various food and beverage, restaurants, supermarket, health care and other logistic industrial to production control, Kiosk, POS system and portable mobile device. Our spontaneous and responsive service cater for all kind of special projects (Plug and Play modules , OEM and ODM). Our business goal is simple --- Help Your Business Grow faster, easier and more efficiently!

  • Plug & Play Thermal Printers
  • PCB Design, Development & Integrations
  • OEM & Private Label Projects
  • ODM Projects - Oriiginal Design Manufacturing

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What We Do

Fast and Reliable Thermal Printer and IPC Solution Integrations!

Our Plug and Play Thermal Printer Solution are Compactl, Low Noise & Versatile for a wide range of industries


Our Module and Control Board Solutions are easy to customize and implement to all kind of products and projects


We can also take on a full fledge Private Label OEM or a ODM project with all the necessary resources and network.


Our solutions can work with Microsoft, Android, IOS & even the latest OPOS (OLE for Retail POS

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